A Little Background from Tami


Traveling to Panama in a deuce is not something I ever thought I would be doing even though I was becoming increasingly disturbed with what was happening in the U.S.  I thought I might find an established community somewhere in the states eventually.  I was living in Traverse City, Michigan and I had been studying “Intentional Communities” for a couple of years before I met Gary online.  Originally from Oregon, he had lived in Costa Rica for 18 years and had a permaculture project going there.  He had been disturbed about the state of the U.S. for a lot longer than I had.

I traveled to Costa Rica to meet Gary after having spoken with him via Skype for many months.  He became my consultant on how to get off the hamster wheel and live off the grid.  My intention is to live as simply and independently as I can.  It is very expensive to live in the U.S. and “retirement” at 56 is not an option for me there.  I  would like to find some land in Panama to start my own permaculture project with Gary’s help.  The highlands of Panama are very beautiful and I am hoping to find inexpensive land near the state park on the border of Costa Rica and Panama.  It is not in an expensive American area but it is close enough to the city of David so that I could do any shopping I need to do there.  

Many indigenous people live in this area of Panama and Gary is friends with some members of two different tribes.  We are hoping to partner with some of them to help with the permaculture project and we might barter labor for food.  I have also purchased several Singer older model sewing machines and an industrial sewing machine that we might be able to use to help some of the indigenous women sew various projects that we could sell online.  We are thinking this could be a win/win situation for both of us. Our idea is to provide a way for the indigenous people to better their lives and provide a living wage for them and also provide income for ourselves. 

If you have other questions about why we are relocating to Panama or what our experiences have been, please let us know.  We are happy to answer almost anything.


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