Finally heard from the Mexican agent

August 17, 2014

From: Tami

Vera (bless her heart) drove me down to Roccio, the Transmigrante, who is working with us to get the deuce truck through Mexico. I took copies of all my paperwork (even though they had already been emailed). I had to leave them with the office assistant to give to Roccio, since she was out when we got there. Since then Roccio contacted us and had us bring the truck down to her office (in Los Indios). A guy from Customs was suppose to meet us there and get things going. He wasn’t able to be there after all, but Roccio helped get an inventory of things in the truck. She is trying to get us together with the guy from Mexican Customs again. So we are currently awaiting a reply from Roccio as to when we can go back down to her office and meet the Customs person.

Gary was brushing floor wax on the truck this morning as a base before painting it with white latex paint. This will make it easier for the paint to be removed after we make it to Panama.

While we are waiting for Customs approval, I was able to help Vera clean out her RV. She and Phil traveled in it for 10 years and they are ready to get rid of it now. Vera and Phil have done so many nice things for me that I was happy that I could help them out. She and Phil took me out to dinner a couple times. Once was Kahn’s Barbeque (like Mongolian Barbeque) and the other time was Sasi’s Thai Restaurant. Great food at both restaurants!!

I learn a few Spanish words here and there. Gary told the gals that clean the park that I am trying to learn Spanish and that they might help me. So the other morning Bianca told me the breakfast I was cooking smelled good in Spanish (huele bien rica).  I try to order things at the restaurant next door in Spanish since Aurora (gal at the counter) speaks very little English. One time I thought I was ordering 4 burritos and I was given a bag with four packs of 12 corn tortillas!! I apologized for ordering incorrectly. They thought it was quite humorous and then they proceeded to cook what I had meant to order ;-). The Hispanics appreciate any efforts that the gringos make to speak Spanish even if it is imperfect. I am sure my learning rate will increase when I am more immersed in the language.

Our friend, Brian, who is traveling to Belize is enjoying Mexico at the moment. His RV broke down at one point and he was able to find a taxi driver whose brother spoke English. They helped him find a mechanic and he was on the road again the next day. He says he feels safer in Mexico than he has in many of the cities in the US. His main complaint so far is how hot the weather has been. His vehicle’s air-conditioning wasn’t functioning properly.

Brian went diving off of Isle Mujeres near Cancun.  He says: “There was a large school of about 200 whale sharks.  Mostly smaller, but large enough.  I was a bit nervous.  They are docile plankton eaters, but anything with a mouth bigger than me is a little concerning.  Saw about 20 in the span of 25 minutes of snorkeling.  The ride out was rough, but worth it.  We stopped on the way back, had a nice lunch and took a dip in the sandy shallows.  It was very beautiful.​”  

Hope you are all well. I am sure things will get more interesting when we are on the road again.



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