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Yovany is fascinated by the tools Gary uses

Yovany is fascinated by the tools Gary uses

June 21, 2015

From: Gary


I had a productive morning.  Mounted the vise and the tubing roller both on Whistler’s front bumper this morning. The tubing roller won’t stay, but just test mounted it. Now can use it to make green house arches.
The real project was the vise, needed it to work on my tent poles projects. I am making a set of tent poles to use with the military surplus tarps, out of galvanized thin-wall steel conduit type  material.
My philosophy over the years has evolved from a hick’s version of the American nightmare, to a neo-nomadic mindset more appropriate of disenfranchised males of our era…
I was reading a pretty decent blog last night by a Brit, was who coined the phrase; “Ghosting”,to describe the one out of twenty guys in the UK, who have slid beneath the Radar screen. A Nanny State unintended effect.
His thesis on the collapse of the empire mirrored my own; That empires over extend militarily and go bankrupt.
Even Sun Tsu wrote about it in “The Art of War”, war time inflation and its dangers.
Tami has been watching war movies after reading “The Art of War” and she seems to be enjoying it, developing an appreciation for military hardware, and what guys do, mostly for the folks back home…
I think it’s a good education for her, outside the box from Traverse-shire thinking.
I see what’s coming over the horizon to be like the great depression on steroids, bred with WWII on steroids.  and a melange of other scripts thrown in…
Luckily I have been a hobbyist outdoor type and also a bit of a military buff, (once I recovered from my own service era trauma.)
To me survival and subsistence have been an interest since I was a kid. and I grew up in a military family etc. who grew gardens like a religion.
 The big problem with the future will be time wasted in denial. No repairs, no preparations when people won’t admit there’s a problem….
Anyway, I have long known the bond market was going to collapse, and that the derivatives were like being chained to a boulder on a ship with no rails… Interesting how the derivatives add up to about 1000 times the value of everything on the planet…
That’s quite the bubble…and the retirement funds wired into it…
Listening to a business program the other night discussing these issues, and that when things slid into the out house, the banks were going to do a collateral grab to try to weather the storm, and call in loans on houses etc. that had never missed a payment…  It’s in the fine print; the Devil’s details….
What that means, is a lot of people thrown into the streets. 
Might be a good time to own some neo-nomadic shelter, and a collection of tools, and some canned heirloom seeds from this year. You know; like those moron nut cases on the survival shows…
I might recommend a collection of Foxfire books, so you know what the objectives are, and how to get there.
A city person who has read those books has a better chance of survival than a “Terminator” wannabe who has not read them.
My very own lovely ex wife bought the collection for a gift to our oldest.
Tami said Traverse City is proposing more community gardens.. very wise.  They need a community green house too.
Beto chopping brush on the farm

Beto chopping brush on the farm

This week we have been employing good neighbor Beto to chop Tami’s hillsides and rake the organic material down into compost piles..  about an acre of tall brush.
It’s also doing him a favor, teaching him how to make compost…
It seems the government sent out Agronomy engineers to teach compost. They had a recipe that required rice hulls, chicken manure, charcoal, molasses, and a bacteria culture, plus other absurd stuff I can’t remember.
So of course, few could get it all together to make compost, in a dollar plus per hour labor economy.. if they had molasses they would either eat it or give to milk cows.
Anyway, so I tried to tell the locals that the Ag engineers weren’t farmers,
and that you could make nice compost just from chopped brush… I was probably disbelieved…  Everybody has brush here. its a constant nightmare,
And they pay $30/100 lbs for planting soil for their starts grown in flats.
Compost is literally worth as much as their tomatoes by the pound.
So, shifting gears on the local paradigm;
Have pointed out to Beto he could make better money growing brush than food…
I suspect it will develop into a cottage industry here.
And be the missing link for them to shift to organic..
yup!  I may be a jerk, but I am a knowledgeable jerk…
Funny how humans are so good at missing the most simple logic…
My goal is to shift them thru brush into manicillo and sheep. Shoveling sheep raisins is easier work than chopping brush.
And it would create more cottage industries.
Small end capitalism is alive and well here. They just need more variability to create a more wholesome culture.
I just love Social Engineering. especially considering that what I teach makes for more stability in my survival area of choice…
I had a short conversation with a Youtube video maker in his comments section. He did this video where he asked the disenfranchised guys whether they would choose normalcy and no improvement, or collapse that killed billions but things got set to rights afterwards… he was shocked to learn the majority chose collapse…
Gee?!?! who could those billions be? and what kind of guy ends up being forced out into the cold? It couldn’t be the individualistic types could it? That very type one would want to be with in iffy situations….
Funny how the universe works…
Individualism is now considered a mental illness by a terminal culture.
The same guys who build new paradigms.
I doubt they will want to reboot things this time. No incentive of ignorance. More likely they will let the Nanny State types fail, and consider it good riddance…
As the author of “Sands of the Kalahari“pointed out; most of humanity lives fat off the creativity of very few men.



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