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October 27, 2014

From: Gary


Just talking with my friend George (Jorge), a local guy who does truck farming on a fair scale to support his wife and kids…. We have seen them cleaning dozens of small pick-up loads of tomatoes by hand, one crate at a time, and transporting them down the mountain. to reload on a bigger truck to Panama City….There are many families in this area living by truck farming… 
George has been explaining a problem to me…..that the local growers have;  they can only buy hybrid seeds, and in small commercial amounts this adds up, to hundreds of dollars per year..  He and others like him are being held up by the hybrid seed companies year after year for this expense just because they have NO access to open-pollinated or heirloom seeds..
So, anybody coming down might think about helping us change these dynamics in the community by bringing open pollinated seeds, that we can test here and multiply for the community..
In the past, I have learned that an effective way to bring seeds was in cheap Chinese stainless steel thermoses.  This method protects the seed from air pressure and temperature differentials on airlines, and reduces damage from X-rays…. 
One company that sells quality heirloom seeds is Territorial Seed Company, Cottage Grove Oregon.  They are online..
Another problem here, is the locals have all grown up chemical farming… They know of organic but dont know how its done, and so can´t risk their livelihood while figuring it out…  I intend to change this by teaching by  example, with obvious success as the incentive for people to start the change…  These people have all had family members die of Cancer from working in the chemically grown coffee that you are on the receiving end of…. If I can show them a better way, they will use it gladly…  Plus the biggest costs are the chemical fertilizers, and the chemical pesticides..And this is in an area of incredible availability of organic elements…As I write, I´m perhaps ten miles from a quarry that is Volcanic Tuft, a soft purple colored rock, that is basically compressed volcanic ash… i.e. the perfect organic mineral fertilizer…  while the locals are paying $38 a bag for the toxic chemical stuff… that only lasts 90 days…
Basically, at this point, we are in limbo doing a property hunt, and making slow progress due to everyone being busy as coffee harvest has just started.. But I am getting constant leads…
Our options will be either something small enough that Tami can afford, or find a better deal on something big enough to sub-divide among several friends…  If you are interested let Tami or me know…
We are not going thru realtors or property online, due to inflated prices… Doing this the hard way by word of mouth etc. We won´t do anything unless it´s a good deal at real local market values…. So basically it´s my (going on) 20 years of local expertise at play against the endemic Gringo bite mentality…  I will win.
 Stubbornness can be a virtue if properly applied….

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