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Volunteer native beans

Volunteer native beans

June 16, 2015

From: Gary


It’s been awhile since I have blogged, have been busy, and Tami does such a good job on her blog that I often feel complacent.

Since I wrote last, much has happened. I went on my first cruise from Long Beach to Vancouver BC with Paul, and we had a great time together, and discussed business opportunities. The weather was generally cold, so I was glad to have brought my trench coat, which was a big hit on the ship. it’s a Romanian wool Soviet era military uniform coat, that I replaced the buttons that were gun metal gray, with American military gold buttons, which set the coat off nicely. Coat was $30 online, and buttons $20 at Action Surplus in Springfield Oregon.

Paul and I ran into a Monsanto Exec on the pier in Vancouver, ahead of us in the Customs line. He had his luggage monogrammed with the word Monsanto. I suggested that a Monsanto monogram was risky here, (I was thinking in the Pacific North West) and he thought I meant in Canada, and stated that Monsanto had farms all over Canada. (I’d guess he doesn’t realize that BC is actually part of the Pacific North West culture, and we tend to dislike Satanic corporations, militaristic governments including our own, and the only way to tell the Canadians from the American government’s taxation victims, is they say; “eay?” and we say “huh?”..)

So then I suggested to Mr, Monsanto, that he could cover the monogram temporarily with a sticker that said; “pedophile” and no one would think as negatively of him…

This got a surprised look from his wife, followed by a half second smile…

Anyway, after we got back to California, we got an appointment to talk to Valerie Millano Phd. (plant sciences) and I informed her about Manicillo, and its potentials to replace Alfalfa in warm climates as a fodder crop.

During my stay in California, I had my first ever experience inside the Chinese American community, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I was amazed at their velocity of Americanization, and how much fun it was to explore Asian markets, and several Asian restaurants, the whole trip was an experience of a life time, and being with Paul was great….

On the way home, I had a long lay over in the Panama City airport, where I would have frozen to death without the trench coat, (they had the air conditioner set so low, you could probably freeze beers…)

Anyway, made it through all the TSA and customs stuff OK, most of the workers seemed tired and burnt out from having to actualize a Federal “stupid shit” agenda…And I’m starting to suspect it’s not average Americans who have been dumbed down, but that it’s the bureaucrats pulling down the stats.. Most of them could get a better education working for Walmart, than their Ivy League universities…

As far as I know, no courses titled; Practical reality 101.

I find it amazing that 300 million plus people would put up with infinite crap from about 525 Federal “Pork Necks” to coin a phrase….

Most Americans seem to have a TV in their colon, and are very very near sighted.

Anyway, it was really nice to get home, so I can now start booting the gravity water powered vacuum food dryer project, which was Paul’s gift to the community here.. neither of us will make a cent off the project, but it will create many spin-off business potentials…

Paul also donated his wife’s Saxophone for a little girl in the village. which was incredibly thoughtful and caring, on his part.

Annie gets a sax: A gift from Paul that once belonged to his wife.

Annie gets a sax: A gift from Paul that once belonged to his wife.

After I got back, I was told that the teachers in the grade school wanted my help teaching English, so last Wednesday made my first stab at it. Teaching over 50 grade school kids. it was a great time of laughter, with the kids and teachers writing like crazy in their notebooks, as I pronounced and explained things about the English language. I used up a new stick of chalk in less than 30 minutes. and
taught how to pronounce words in groups with similar sounds that rhymed… the Dr. Seuss method of English education.

I started with words from the official curriculum, and expanded. so the kids got really good at pronouncing with the word groups.

The next Friday Tami and I did a town run, and got delayed by the usual Latino-landia sudden service.

It started to deluge on the way home, and I put the tire chains on the front end to get the Deuce and a half in the entrance road and up the last hill to her parking area. The creeks were roaring and deep, vegetation flattened by the rain, and as always, we just squeezed by the land slide without rolling into the little river. I actually rubbed the outside mirror on the embankment… there are other places where I
hang all four outside duals over the ends of short culverts to get through.

It’s not a drive way for the faint hearted. Fording at flood stage, and slick as snot patches with no gravel… with short radius corners. and dips and rises.

The last hill is the steepest part, and Whistler went up it in compound low six wheel drive, front tires chained up, and we just barely made it. that’s a bit of a challenge, but it just kept chewing its way forward…
If I ever have to do that again after hard rains, I will also chain up at least one set of the outside duals aft… The drive, in the steep spot is so steep you can barely stand up on it when wet…

Actually I enjoy the adventure, and watching the faces of first time riders.

You have to learn to enjoy being crazy to survive in the third world outback…

The Nanny State would have a nervous breakdown here. Tami has them regularly in her adaptation struggle….

She says it’s hard to go from a cushy life to nothing… (the only cushion here is your own hind end…)

She still catches harassment from her girlfriends, (arm chair life coaches…) I’ve noticed in life that most decisions are choices between this or that mistake.

We expect others to get as good as we are at choosing which mistakes
we prefer to call a life.

To each his own screw ups eh!?!?

We are not here because we wish to keep our opinionated friends and family happy with our lives. We are here because we both believe in doing the right thing for current circumstances.

And oh! by the way!; I have now had over 6,000 views on
my google plus comments on you tube videos etc.. brag, brag, brag… meaningless I know, but it does prove that my style of being opinionated is plenty controversial.

Actually, I use the comments sections to seed concepts into the virtual collective mindset. And have seen my concepts show up in later videos etc…

The thing to remember, is that expecting everybody else to be like you, is a no starter. Projecting clonism?

But that we are thinking apes in a group sense.

Some are members of more evolved thinking groups, and others are working their way up towards Baboon class…

But it all depends on perspectives…one man’s top is another’s bottom…To me the adventures here are what I call a life.. To a city drone in suit and nylon stockings, it would be a horror to wake up in my movie…

My opinion, is that its better to be practical than have perfumed thoughts.

I would rather people didn’t like me, than they just think they did.

Anyway, this morning I got the dog pen electric fence operational.

As Tami called it; a milestone.

I had been working towards it for weeks, months, years, and kept having to deal with other problems, that seemed to never end…

Some of the other problems finally farted out, and now the dogs can be lose around the junk pile.

Next on the 2-Du list, are things like an expedient green house for starting plants, and to get progress on the truck tarp awning shack extensions.

And while I am struggling towards those objectives, I will also be trying to boot the Co-op’s food dryer for them, so I don’t have to watch or smell their hard work tomatoes rot by the acres.

I ain’t here to please anybody but my self…

Ask Tami.

Last night, good neighbor Beto came over, and asked about seeds, volunteering to do seedlings of tomatoes and cucumbers, open pollinated, starting with the oldest seed. I went to his house to watch him do the flats, and learned a few things.

Beto got dumped by his handler a few weeks back, and needed a thousand dollars, that we didn’t have either, to reboot.

That’s the cost of producing a single tomato crop here, and they only make about $2,000 a year doing it. The costs stem from chemicals and hybrid seeds. So basically what we are doing, is likely going to raise local incomes by 50% by teaching heirloom seed reproduction and organic agriculture, plus the organic crops will also be worth 50% more…

So, do the math…If we can get it to spread, we can more than double the incomes of a hundred thousand families.. not a bad bit of work, for something others enjoy criticizing us for doing…

The bottom line on this planet, is a dichotomy between vanity and compassion.

I never was much to look at, suave, or rich. So I guess its just natural for me to be who I am, more focused on actual results and keeping things honest, than vanity fodder. Many have a hard time
with that… my only form of functional diplomacy is;
“interpersonal gun boat diplomacy…”


Actually, Tami and I were watching a Clint Eastwood spaghetti western last night, and I really related to the portrayal of sheer guts…

I think that’s what sets me apart from some fellow humans… sheer effrontery…

Just be happy I’m not a gun slinger…



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