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The tin shack from uphill

The tin shack from uphill

March 13, 2015

From: Gary



Terrace digging early for Tami and Gary and Jen worked on tearing out a fence and then she did some nice organizing.

After that, I worked on the dog fence posts, got another dozen made, now at over the fifty mark.  And I also made a dozen tent stakes, also of half inch steel rod, and will make a dozen or so more, and a total of about 80 fence post rods.

I felt good making the stuff, generator purring..  using the 12 inch disc sander, sharpening the ends of posts and stakes, and chamfering the tops where they mushroom.

So far over sixty cuts with the hacksaw…  one does get exercise with primitive conditions.

I liked making the tent stakes, and thinking to get some scrap chain, and cut J hooks out of links, and weld onto the stakes, for added security with the ropes, I can get 2 each J hooks out of a link, by cutting with the bolt cutters..

To me, any time that I can make something Neoindigenous or Neonomadic I seem to be happy…   A step back to my true nature…  I learned years ago, that I was happiest exploring mountain valleys and fly fishing the creeks, generally alone.  An explorer of nature, by nature…

I am also running tent pole ideas around in my head, thinking that they would be a useful possession, to use now with the military surplus tarps, for increasing the Tin Shed’s roof line for the work shop..    We are also beginning the search for a diesel generator with enough power we can run all the tools and run the welder.  I think there is real need here for my skills, especially making food dryers, so that the people are insulated from the middlemen’s games concerning produce that’s spoilable, where they manipulate the prices using excess as leverage…  Some times it’s so bad, that growers leave the food rot in the fields because it’s not worth picking.  This on a planet where one human in seven is going hungry because they lack buying power.  When the real food crisis arrives, people will die because of the middle men’s games, and it won’t just be third world people with dark skins. Coming to a theater near you…

Small scale vacuum food driers would be a worthy item for a major crowd funding campaign world wide. 

We will see what we can do here.  I am thinking about doing one sized for the small farmers, another sized for the local Co-ops, and a third that is stationary, and thats powered off of falling water and a venturi to break a vacuum.

This final type, I think, has the most potential here, and could be a serious money maker for investors. First I will build a small prototype of the electrical powered vacuum driers using a refrigeration repair vacuum pump and a pre-tank to keep the water out of the vacuum pump.

I want to be able to give a demonstration to the local co-op, because once they see it work, they will be behind getting one for the co-op 100%.

This would allow them to divert crops if the prices weren’t adequate, and create a storable product that they could process and market themselves. And all the co-ops are communicating regularly on all their issues. Meaning if one co-op did a successful venture, it would expand to other co-ops like wild fire…  The product could also lower transportation costs due to decreased bulk and weight.  They could haul what takes now a farm truck, in a mini-pickup…

It would also allow them to think about exportation.

And I think it would also go a long ways to stop the mono-cropping now in evidence.  They could expand out into other crops that they have never considered.  We showed one of the co-op members some of the vacuum dried foods that we brought with us; eggs, potatoes, peanut butter, bananas, carrots, onions, peas, etc. and she was in shock.

Basically it’s like hitting them with lightning from the sky in the form of an idea….

And if I can pull it all off, it would be the best joke of my life; to change the economic reality of an entire area, and maybe live to see poor kids going to universities, or doing anything else they want, instead of generations of grinding poverty.

Life should be made up of things worth doing.

If you don’t die grinning, you didn’t live it right.

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