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The water pipe

The water pipe

August 11, 2015

From: Gary


Had an interesting couple of days. Went and paid phone bill and found out company policy was changed but locals didn’t know how, and it would be several days with no service to sort it out..
Third world internet service seems to come automatically with as many “Screw you factors” as possible, due to a warped cultural sense of profit motive..
Also managed a trip to David, Panama to buy pipe and other ingredients for the gravity water powered vacuum food dryer project. 
It was an all day trip, much running back and forth, but managed to get the lion’s share of the stuff for getting to the test experiment phase with the project, so I know how much if any design complications must be added for function.
We filled a mini pickup truck with expensive things, and will have to do another such run. and maybe three such runs total for the project.
I found out they don’t stock large diameter water line caps here (city main size stuff) because they think they are too expensive.  They just plug the lines with a batch of concrete..
What this means, is that they risk mixing sewage and potable water underground to save a few dollars on caps…
It also means I will have to fabricate caps to use the large diameter  plastic pipe for food grade vacuum chambers.
Meaning welding etc..
Anyway, my guys had the ditch and path system ready, so now they are burying the supply line, about a half a kilometer of ditch and rock faces that we have to pin the line to…  It´s a fairly major project, but will also get a quality gravity water system up to the populated area where people are growing food, as well as create a method of product preservation for what they do grow.
I am also having the guys mark the pipe joints so we can go back later and T in and put valves for irrigation water where we trenched through their agricultural area..  
The headwaters spot is very pretty, a rocky creek in a tropical canyon with some water falls, so I am planning to try to do a nice job at the intake to not ruin the ambient aesthetics. A good civil engineer should be able to hide what he does, or make  what he does a positive in the environment.  Most seem to be about as creative as a sewage plant…  “industrial culture” tends to be quite tasteless… Nice work can be created with the exact same resources.  It just takes having someone with some imagination.
For instance, I had my guys carve a very nice trial into that spot, to bury the water line under.  An older lady property owner was quite pleased.  She has a pleasant and easy access into a pretty part of her property which will be nice to visit on hot days in the dry season…  
It´s also an easy access for cleaning the screen after hard rains.
Locals are starting to realize that they are getting a serious upgrade to the community, in the form of a more professionally done water system and the dryer project is now moving forward.  Not just talk and waiting on Latins to do what they say they will..
Once they realize it is serious, everything changes..
Plus, it´s a system that can be built any size. One could run a river through pipes to create vacuum..  I have even thought of how such tech could replace the highway and rail systems in the US and elsewhere, with an air and vacuum hybrid system of underground passenger, freight, and even private vehicles, at a fraction of current costs and much higher speeds, efficiency, and safety…
And using basically free energy…
No more “Resource Wars”….
The current Status Quo is “Intellectually Bankrupt” in my opinion…  Management without imagination is not leadership…
Without such systems, humanity is doomed.
Stagnation invariably leads to collapse.
Another good spin off from this dryer project, is I can use the water to boot a large aqua-culture system  using concrete tanks (that I designed in my 20’s) for a more aesthetic architectural fish ladder system….  I am gearing up tooling to do the first steel moulds, so we can create jobs and income, and start getting people making money growing high end protein…  Maybe if I can get Crowd Source funding, start by loaning a tank per family, and then show them how to multiply by adding tanks using the created economy… a micro-loans type start up.
Should be fun! Some hands on engineering, where poverty meets production…
This is way better than an office job, and I get to do what I see needs to be done.  
I also can work forward to more such projects one step at a time.  The advent of Crowd Source funding means freedom from corporate slavery for people who know how to do things.


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