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Beto chopping the hillside for brush to name compost.

Beto chopping the hillside for brush to make compost.

July 1, 2015

From: Gary


We got a bit of rain last night, needed it. Tami is planting Manicillo and working in the garden, Beto is raking compost. He will be done with the first hillside about Monday he thinks.

I spent yesterday morning on the wood lathe and bandsaw, making end plugs for the tent poles project. Got a dozen roughed out. and several more steps to completion, and will likely need four times as many before done…
I am learning as I go, and trying to see what is applicable to green house frames, as that is also on the agenda.

The last few days I have been studying a couple scientific studies, concerning the future of humanity. It’s something I have been into since high school when I first ran into the MIT limits of growth study.

The MIT study was bad mouthed by Reagan, and then the elite all ran off and invested in the things pointed out by the study; like declining health and increasing mortality rates. They became CEO’s of drug companies, (now known as “big pharma”) and then investment schemes, in exact opposition to what was needed to save humanity according to the study which has since been proven to be very accurate…

Basically in summary, the study said that we had to cut capital investment to zero and go steady state, or collapse with a population decline of 50%.

Anybody know anything about “derivatives”?
That was the fix; capitol investment extrapolated out to infinity….
And the MIT study did not factor in climate change, which has moved the date forward.
Anyway, now two more similar studies, and if you don’t study them, you haven’t a clue as to whats coming. I will have Tami link
all three studies here, so I can feel I have done my part.

MIT limits of growth study (original)       

Sesync study (nasa)                               

The Perfect Storm Study                      

The Sesync study basically points out that for the last 5,000 years all collapses of civilizations have been related to two things;

  • Environmental degradation
  • An elite class, over using resources via economics, and impoverishment of the workers.

And that elite, management, bureaucrats, etc. are basically a form of predatory parasite on the rest of humanity and the planet.

Also that they invariably deny needed changes until the food system collapses, and even then refuse to change as they watch the masses starve. The French Revolution is probably the classic example.

The third study, known as the “Perfect Storm Study” by the Brits, is an overview of agriculture and affecting dynamics.
Which could bring the willfully ignorant up to date, if they would uncork their heads long enough to read it.

Basically you can read all three studies in less than an hour if your reading speed is average.

Anyway, having been into this so long, I have seen a consistent pattern of the scientific community being unable to get ahead of the curve on their prediction models. An example is the ice melt graph in the Perfect Storm study. I know why this is. Basically a combination of lost time gathering data, exponential curve on all effects, and endemic denial in humans of anything self caused.
In other words, it’s going to happen a lot faster than any imagine, and some of the studies are seeing 10-15 years out as getting ugly.

Also, one disruption of any fundamental; say a war in the mid east, restricting fossil fuels distribution, could and would set off a chain of events that would be unstoppable.

Meanwhile the management is the problem, which I have repeatedly pointed out in past blogs. But at least now have scientific confirmation for you in the Sesync study.

If you are white collar or affluent, your share of the problem is larger than those poorer. And ditto for even ” fat first world slaves”..
The US has traditionally exported its poverty to the third world. Usually via economics and puppet mastering backed up by murder and genocide. And yes Virginia, living American presidents have been indicted for crimes against humanity in other countries, and you probably have never heard about it.

Anyway, there you have it, heed, read, or bleed.

This will affect you, this will affect your children, and if you expect the Nanny State to save you, you will most likely be dead wrong.

But read the studies, and actually try to think how it all fits together, and you may understand what we are doing and why just a little bit better.


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