Garys Blog: Vacuum dryer test numbers

The numbers dont lie....

The numbers dont lie….

August 14, 2015

From: Gary

We just tested the gravity water vacuum dryer system, and it did very well.
Minimum usable is about 10 kPa of vacuum, which halves drying times at ambient temperatures..
I thought we needed better than 50 kPa to function well and shorten times. So I was happy to see a constant 80 kPa from flow, and we didn’t do any better hanging the water column to break a vacuum..
Basically the venturi pulled as hard of a vacuum as the 100 ft plus of water column.  
What this means in layman’s terms, is that similar systems can be easily and cheaply built anywhere on the planet there is gravity water, and dry any product in a reasonable amount of time using free energy and commonly available materials…  In other words, any mountain people with access to a decent hardware store can build a gravity water vacuum dryer, and dry anything from Bananas to Yak milk…
Anyway, I am having the guys start leveling the building site, for the little one room processing station.
One realization I made about this system is that it has military applications; any mountain people with adequate gravity water can build these Ben Linder devices entirely underground, including the processing stations, and plant permaculture agricultural products, and feed an army indefinitely in a way very hard to detect or eradicate…
Tipping the balance towards common man in any dispute with central power junkies…
The simple technology has myriad other uses, which I wont discuss here, but all are benefits to mankind. Now we can eliminate most of the food spoilage and eliminate market fluctuations from excess production.  We can increase value of common agriculture products and we can deliver products that are more sterile.  These processes could happen as cottage industries over much of the planet providing incentives for decentralization and increased food production just ahead of the looming food crisis…
And do so using zero fossil fuels other than those used to produce the Ben Linder devices themselves.   They can be built in any size imaginable; from one inch rigid plastic pipe, to running a river through one…
Basically its free energy conserving food forever….
Here in Central America, it could spread like wild fire, and change the lives of poor farmers forever, and it would mean food that now rots will be able to arrive on the other side of the planet and feed more people affordably.
I would like to thank Mr. Paul Uy of Walnut California for financing this project single-handedly.  We think his faith and generosity has started something with the potential to make the world a better place for everybody in measurable effect.
Thank you Paul, we would not gotten this far without you.
The National President of Agricultural Co-operatives is scheduled to arrive soon for a routine visit to this cooperative.  Our cooperative has a little surprise for him and it should mean that we can get the information out rather rapidly.  
There are thousands of people here in Panama growing products that can use this tech.  Most are already using gravity water for irrigation. Once they realize how simple this is, I am hoping they will be popping up like mushrooms. Wouldnt it be great if the villagers could afford dental work for their kids soon, and other things that the rest of us take for granted?…

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