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June 21, 2015

From: Tami

It is Gary’s 59th birthday today. It is also Courage’s 2nd birthday. And, can you believe it?…. it is also Gary’s son Noah’s birthday today!! What are the odds of that? All born on the summer solstice. It is eternal summer here so I don’t notice the solstices as much as I used to in Michigan.

Courage happy with dog fence (800x533)

Happy Courage. You can see the new electric fence in the background…complete with surveyors tape.

Courage’s birthday present is the new dog fence! He seems quite content with it except at first when he got zapped as he tried to climb out between the wires. Suni is not quite as happy with it. She got zapped immediately and ran into the house after yiping. She is more sensitive than Courage and is still a bit nervous to stay outside. She has been hanging out in the shed most of the day. She is kinda like Chicken Little thinking the sky might be falling or maybe she thinks that it is the sky that is zapping her. She does very much enjoy being off the chain though. The dogs don’t bark nearly as much when they aren’t tied up.  

Tami arranging stones to create stairs.

Tami arranging stones to create stairs.

The farm is keeping us so busy that we just take small bites out of projects every day so it doesn’t seem so overwhelming. This week I worked on placing stones on the top part of the steps leading up to the shed. I got tired of sliding down the slick incline after days of heavy rains. Actually, it is a lot of work carrying heavy stones to the work site but if you do a couple of steps a day with a shovel and pickhoe, it progresses nicely. When I see the the pleasant changes to the landscape, it is very gratifying. What time I do put into the garden seems very worthwhile since I know my efforts will be rewarded when nature gives back much more than I would ever have the energy to give.

Garden trenchs and electric fence (800x533)I have also been using the pickhoe and the shovel to trench the edges of each terrace in the garden. The rain has been unseasonably hard and heavy this year so we aren’t as far along on growing things as I would have liked. I had been getting ruts forming where the heavy waters were draining down the terraces. Gary taught me that by digging trenches and building one or two stone channels down each terrace where the water was forming ruts, that you can direct the waterflow so it isn’t so damaging to the terraces. I have also edged each terrace with thin poles. Laying them on the edge of each terrace creates a barrier to stop the water flow. It also looks pretty cool. Once the manicillo is established and we have mulched all the beds, erosion won’t be a problem. I also bought a hunk of greenhouse plastic and some seedling trays. Soon we will be able to plant new seedlings without worrying about them getting washed away.

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