Tami´s blog: Courage´s new career

October 27, 2014

From: Tami

This will be short since I my bus leaves to drive the slow, bumpy 8 miles up to Candela shortly.  I often have connection problems at this cafe and this computer is slow, so communication isn´t the easiest.

We haven´t had nearly as many visitors to our camp as previously.  I am not sure if it is because the local folks finally figured out that we are two old, boring folks or if it is because coffee-picking season just got in full swing:-).  Actually, I am glad not to have quite so many visitors everyday.  I know that I am a challenge to be around without Gary since my Spanish is still very poor.  I pick up on some things but I have a very hard time understanding the local dialect at this point.

The farm owners have been supplying us with free tomatoes, oranges and bananas.  Mary Helen comes over often with a plate of warm homemade tortillas or fried rice dishes.   Gary has been making yeast bread over an open fire with the cast iron pots.  We share it with visitors and they seem to love it.  They are disappointed when they visit and we haven´t made bread that day.

Our German Shepherds are a big topic of conversation around here.  This breed seems to be very popular here and you see many dogs that look mostly German Shepherd (Pastor Aleman) but there don´t seem to be any pedigreed dogs in this area.  Folks are very impressed by the AKC accredidation.  In fact, Courge just got paid $100 to lost his virginity to a grade shepherd who is maybe 80%!! Jorge got is cousin to loan him his dog so that he can have an almost pure German Shepherd.  Courage is so much bigger and more handsome than any of the other dogs I have seen here.  I have a feeling that we will be asked many times for Courages services as a gigolo :-).   Courage seems to be very enthusiastic about his newfound career!  Suni, on the other hand, cried pitifully when we took Courage over to Jorge´s house to meet up with his female lover (4 times to be exact).  Poor Suni!  She is still young but she will have her chance with the big handsome lug soon enough.  The petstore gal told us that some folks are anxious for pedigreed pups and that we could get $500 per puppy hopefully!  Any folks coming down might consider importing a pedigreed Shepherd since they are rare here and the Latins are very impressed with pedigrees.  We would also be doing this place a service to upgrade the genetics.

Until I am able to communicate again……






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