Tami’s blog entry……still in Brownsville

August 2, 2014

From: Tami

Hello All,

My friends say they want to hear more from ME rather than just Gary, so here goes.  I am not a person who adores writing like Gary does.  But what I write about would probably interest my friends more than some of Gary’s topics.  Gary’s target audience is more the prepper types.  To cut down on the hate-mail;-)…..we have thought about just sending the link when Gary writes on the blog so that folks can check it out if they feel like it.   Usually I only write about day to day happenings, so I might continue to send my actual blog entry and also send the link to the blog.  Unless a better idea comes along…..

Anyway…here is a bit of encouraging news: Recently, a nice guy named Brian from Washington State pulled his RV into Paul’s RV Park and spent a week getting RV repairs before crossing over the bridge at Matamoros, Mexico yesterday. Gary and I were very anxious to get a report from Brian as to the conditions driving through that alleged “crime-infested” border town. Here is what Brian said, “There is no problem with bad element here. Not the best neighborhood in Matamoros, but the rest of Mexico is fine. It is on the poor side, but not impoverished. Beautiful country. I made it to Tampico. 2.5 hours at customs. 2 hours of it with vehicle tax. The computer didn’t like my stuff. Hwy 101 is fine. I did 50-60 mph on it. Hwy 180 varied between great and brutal. “

Then Gary talked to the groundskeeper, Gilbert, who is of Hispanic decent.  He had just called a friend who lives in Matamoros and the friend told him that things seem to be pretty calm.  Matamoros residents are going about their lives like normal.  No major dangers to report.

In the mean time I am still going to bingo on Monday nights.  Doreen and Vera come pulling up in Doreen’s sky blue convertible.  It almost feels like being teenagers again.  These gals are truly young at heart.  Doreen is a real spitfire and isn’t afraid of saying anything to anybody.  She loves to laugh and she plays all kinds of beautiful music on her radio which we sing to sometimes.  A group of us went to “Dirty Al’s Restaurant on Padre Island”.  Their fried shrimp basket was very fresh and crisp and served with tasty fries.  Doreen must have told the waitress to give her my tab….that sneak!  I brought a doggy bag home for Gary who was keeping the dogs company.  After lunch, we walked on the gorgeous sandy beach for a bit and dipped our feet in the surf.  

We have been stuck in Brownsville almost two months at this point so there isn’t much new to report on a daily basis.  When we finally get rolling again there will be more to talk about. I have emailed the Mexican Agent to get a progress report but have yet to get a reply.  Vera said she might be able to take me down to their office if we need to.  Hopefully, I will hear from them soon as to when we can get our truck over the border.

That’s it for now…..







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