Tami’s Blog: I learned a new Spanish word

Beto with his kids

Beto with his kids

February 26, 2015

From: Tami

Beto’s three kids have come over for the last two days. I am helping Vivian (who is maybe 8) learn English. She seems serious and she brings her notebook with her. She copies down English words and the translation into Spanish. I hope this helps me pick up some more Spanish.

The kids were eyeing the dartboard, which is hung on the deck, and they were thrilled when I let them play. Vivian and Yiovani (10 years old) were super-excited while they tried getting bulls-eyes. They would just giggle when Vivian’s darts stuck in the wall rather then in the board. These kids are electrified by anything we show them since it is probably something they have never seen before. They had been dying to come over for a while I think. Every time Gary and I are outside (or even if they can see us in the shed through the window) they yell out “Hola!” One day we gave them each a bandana with the American Flag on them. We could hear the kids laughing hysterically all day…playing games with the bandanas. We could see them chasing each other around their house and each of them was wearing the bandana in a different way. Who would guess that a $1 item would be such a bright spot in a kid’s day? Kids here get very little other than the bare basics, if that.

Anyway….the kids had been over for a while and Vivian started asking me something. It sounded like she was speaking about Frederick (he is maybe 4 years old) and she said something about “ordenar” . I looked that up in my dictionary and ordenar means: order, command. I thought maybe she was saying that Fredrick was ordering her around. Then I noticed “ordenario” which can mean common or vulgar. So I thought maybe Frederick had cursed or something. I couldn’t communicate my thoughts so I said “No entiendo” (I don’t understand). The kids continued to play darts for a while and Vivian started repeating the same word to me. I spoke “ordenar” back to her and she said “NO…..ORINAR!” So I checked the dictionary for orinar. It said: urinate! I just busted out laughing at that point. All the kids started laughing too. I realized the two boys were too scared to get off the deck since the dogs were tied below. Since we don’t have a bathroom or an outhouse yet, they scrambled down the ladder and ran to the top of the driveway. I could see their little heads behind the bushes relieving themselves!! When Beto came to get the kids I had Gary tell him the funny exchange I had had that day. He found it quite humorous too. Anyway….I did learn one new Spanish word yesterday and I am pretty sure I won’t forget it either ;-).


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