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October 1, 2015

From: Tami

At the Purple House in David I met two interesting young Latin men who ended up visiting the farm.  Beto is 25 and from Mexico.  Brian is 30 and Argentinean.  They heard that I was trying to set up a permaculture farm and both (who had also just met each other at the Purple House) had great interest in such topics.  Brian heard about the food dryer and had been involved in some way with food dryers himself.  They both came home with me on the bus and they got to experience the steep walk home first hand.  We all had our backpacks on but Brian was loaded down the most.  He ended up giving me some of the stuff he didn’t need that much so that his load was lighter on the way home. 

Beto from Mexico and Brian from Argentina

Beto from Mexico and Brian from Argentina

Brian has worked in the professional world specializing in 3-D animation.  He is an amazing artist and he volunteered to do a short video clip of the food dryer for us!  The short clip turned out really nice and I hope to get it on my Youtube channel and link it to the blog.  I first have to learn to use video editing software and we will see how it goes….gulp!  I have a video of Gary explaining the food dryer to the locals and I hope to ad that to the clip. Subtitles will be needed on that one. So far I am having an issue creating folders on Windows.  I think it is a glitch in Windows 7……heavy sigh!

Beto majored in Biology and Genetics in college and was very interested in the Manicillo we are using as a cover crop.  I hope he helps spread the word about the advantages of using this plant on farms and pastures.  

It was nice to have new visitors to the farm.  They both appreciated the land and the creek down below.  Brian said I have to think of a name for the farm.  Terrace de Tami???  Let me know if you have any ideas that are better.

The fat and sassy pups!

The fat and sassy pups!

Suni is weaning the puppies and they whine and cry when they see her.  I have started them on puppy chow softened with hot water.  The pet shop in David is going to help me sell them since I haven’t received any serious responses from the internet ads I placed online.  Someone is already interested in the light colored male.  I may have to take them to David two at a time on the bus.  They will be ready no sooner than the end of October.  

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