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Soon to be proud parents!
Soon to be proud parents!
August 27, 2015
From: Tami
Well… My dog Suni has had a major weight gain since she finally has a bun (or several) in the oven!  There had been some major hanky panky going on around here for several days.  The party for two is long over now but Courage and Suni were “inseparable” on several occasions.  Beto’s little male dog came over a couple of times to try and join in the fun.  Courage was good-natured but refused to let Morsi have a dance alone with Suni.  So, in a couple weeks we hope to have some new little furballs about the place. We might have to get the help of the owner of a petstore in David to sell them since we are so remote and folks here don’t use the internet much.
I am at The Purple House Hostel in David for a few days.  It has become my home away from home.  The owner, Andrea, is an American woman who came here originally with the Peace Corps. We both agree that it is a much less materialistic and stressful life here (not that it doesn’t have other frustrations). I think The Purple House is the best value in the country.  I stay in a shared dorm with 3 bunks in it (6 people) and a shared bathroom for $9 a night.  That includes breakfast of oatmeal, banana, and coffee!  The place is very clean too.  It is within walking distance of an Internet cafe, a large grocery store and many places to eat.
Last night I met a retired guy from Omaha who had just finished a 5 week language immersion program in Panama City. He joined me at my table on the front patio and shared a glass from a bottle of some Venezuelan rum that had cost him $36! Then we were joined by a young man from Barcelona Spain.  His English was better than he wanted to admit.  We talked about the political climate there.  He loves Barcelona but does say that over 20% of the population is unemployed….with some PhDs working at MacDonalds.  Hmmmmm sounds a bit like the US.
By the way….remember that I was still trying to get a month sticker for my truck license plate a while back? Come to find out,  they couldn’t get us a sticker and we were given a signed letter that states we are allowed to drive Whistler without the sticker.  So Gary finally installed the Panamanian license plate on the truck!!! Six months from when we started the process.
Today Gustavo (who works the night shift at the Purple House) directed me to a health clinic three blocks from here.  I have been having hearing problems in my right ear for a week or so.  It feels clogged and I can’t hear very well from that ear now.  I figured since I was in town that I might find out if they could flush my ear out or something.  After waiting in line for 5 hours I was finally seen and it ended up that I had some inflammation in my ear.  I was given to a worker who knew a bit of English…which was nice.  The bill ended up being $2.70 for antibiotics (which I don’t like to take)..and I might just try not to take them and put them in my emergency stash for a major emergency.
Oh…some good news…I bought a small washing machine in David the last time I was here.  It was $155.00 for a small 14 lb load small Frigidaire model.  You fill it up with the hose to the level you want.  I had a taxi take it with me to the bus station.  They had to put it on one of the seats in the bus to haul it home.  I paid $5 for the almost 3 hour busride home and they charged me another $5 for the washer since it took up a seat.  I thought that was a deal, especially since this new piece of equipment is making my life much easier!
This place also has great WiFi and I am enjoying catching up on Youtubes.  I thoroughly enjoy my little mini vacations here in David.
Hasta luego,

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