Tami’s Blog: On to Mexico

September 7, 2014

From: Tami

We have been approved to go through Mexico! Finally!  Our trip has been delayed by over two months.

I am hoping that the weather might be a bit cooler and/or rainier than it would have been in August.  I don’t want the dogs to get overheated while they travel in the trailer.  I look forward to being able to let Courage and Suni run around for a bit somewhere.  They will be excited since they have been chained to the truck while we were stuck in Brownsville.  I do take them to the dog playpen twice a day.  They enjoy wrestling and body-slamming each other during their playtime.

Suni & Courage Travel Quarters

I am not sure what kind of internet access we will have on our travels down and that will determine how much we can communicate.  We are allowed 10 days to get through Mexico and we have to take a prescribed route.  It is a toll road and I hear the conditions are very poor through a lot of it.  We don’t plan to do any site-seeing besides what we can see from the truck.  We don’t want to risk leaving the vehicle or the dogs sitting unattended.  Gary installed a two way radio in cab of the truck so that we can talk to one another if one of us has to go into a store or restaurant.  I hear food and gas are cheaper in Mexico.

Vera and Phil left for a trip back home to Maine.  I miss having them around.  They helped make our stay at Phil’s park a wonderful experience.  They were always thinking of thoughtful ways to help us out.  Phil used to be a Commander of IT for NORAD, so he is one of the few folks in the park his age that know much about computers.  He helped Gary and I get our Nooks working and he was always printing out copies of paperwork for me.   They are an example of how I want to treat people.  I pledge to pay it forward ;-).

Most Brownsville residents that I talked to are very excited about a spaceport that is being erected on Boca Chica Beach. http://blog.chron.com/sciguy/2014/08/texas-spacex-announce-spaceport-deal-near-brownsville/#22787101=0    They are hoping that the station will draw a lot of folks to their town.  Brownsville seems to be in a bit of an economic slump….like a lot of other American towns.

I am enjoying the pool and hot tub….knowing that we may not find such wonderful accommodations for a while.  Brian (who came back through Paul’s Park when he got back from Belize) says that RV parks down south were rare to non-existent.  Many of them have gone out of business since American tourism has tapered off from what it used to be.  

If you need to contact me best use my email: snowdog58@gmail.com since it might cost me a fortune to even listen to voice-mails.  I won’t know how the phone works until I experience it.   Please send your prayers, chants, positive thoughts our way to help guide us on this journey.  We’ll be in touch when we can.

Many Blessings to you!




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