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January 14, 2016

From: Tami

Gary’s still in Costa Rica waiting on bureaucracy. I spent a nice Christmas and then my birthday at the Purple House  with Andrea, who has become my friend.  I pay Yovany to water the plants and feed the dogs while I am gone (usually three nights at a time).  He does a very good job.

Frederick, Vivian and Yovany on their Uncle's horse.  This was taken last year.

Frederick, Vivian and Yovany on their Uncle’s horse. This was taken last year.

When I got home from my Birthday, I discovered that Beto’s younger son, Frederick, is visiting.  Vivian didn’t visit this time.  I can hear Yovany and his brother talking as I look out my window.  Their house up the hill is close enough for me to hear their typical brotherly rowdiness.  Fredrick often calls out “Papi!!” when Yovany is doing something he doesn’t like.  It is comical to hear Beto reprimanding the boys about their disagreements.  His normal auctioneer-like verbal tempo goes into overdrive and he rolls the words off so fast I wouldn’t have a clue what he is saying to them.  I can’t figure out what he is saying at his normal speed!  Beto does laugh a lot with the boys too.  He is a very good father.  I also find it humorous when I hear the boys making commands to the dogs in English.  “Out! Out!” or “lay down!”.  Everyone in the neighborhood seems to know,  or “Suni quiet!”  or “Suni, no chickens!” (Suni has gotten better about leaving the chickens alone).  

My chicos lindos (cute boys)

My chicos lindos (cute boys)

The boys get along well a lot of the time.  They have come over to my house two times already today.  They are curious about everything and they get into lots of my stuff, as you can imagine.  They love turning on my flashlight, my electric razor and my percussive massager, my sweater de-fuzzer and my battery-powered vacuum cleaner.  It is heartening to watch their curiosity even if they do wear me out sometimes. They are so much more easily entertained than most American kids who have everything.  Yovany loves to know how to do everything and I appreciate his desire to learn.  My place is like a treasure trove of new and exciting things to observe and to play with.  Yovany has been in my house many times and now he likes showing my things to Frederick. 

Last night the boys were over and I had just made a batch of popcorn cooked in coconut oil. I just discovered a bag of popping corn at a grocery store in David.  I have never seen it in Rio Sereno, except in microwave form.  I had put a little nutritional yeast (brought from the US) on the batch along with salt and a little more melted coconut oil.  Boy was that a hit!  I had been watching something on my laptop as I sat up in bed and I was eating my bowl of popcorn before they came over.  I offered for them to share the popcorn. They were gratefully munching away and Yovany said, “muy rico” which meant he liked it.  He wanted to know how I made it.  I ended up giving that batch to the boys so they could take it home and share it with Beto.  I made myself another pan of the delectable treat!  It had turned out really good.  I am almost out of nutritional yeast though, and I don’t think you can get it here. 

Tami getting a massage from Frederick!

Tami getting a massage from Frederick! Now this is the life!

This is the next morning.  The boys are over again.  They wanted some hot tea with powdered milk and sugar. I gave them some crackers and some peanut butter too.  This is a treat they rarely get and Yovany was rationing the peanut butter by spreading a very thin layer on a cracker and giving one to Frederick and then making one for himself.  They are now having a boxing match while each boy wears a pair of my gardening gloves.  They are laughing one minute and Frederick is crying the next! Before that the boys grabbed my percussive massager. Frederick wanted to give me a massage.  Eat your heart out gals!!!  

I have decided to forgo visiting Traverse City or Detroit, Michigan on this trip home. I will be flying into Chicago. Then I will take the train to Kalamazoo to see my daughter, Jade.  Some of my TC friends might come down and visit me there. I thought of coming through Detroit but there is no good direct public transport from the airport like there is in Chicago.  By stopping in Chicago I will be able to visit with my oldest friend, Cindy, and her husband before I head out to New Mexico. That will be a real treat since I haven’t seen them since I was pregnant with Jade. Sorry to those who hoped for a visit from me, but my kid comes first and then looking for a job is next!  I hope to visit when things are more stable for me.

The boys are making another cup of tea!  Yovany lit the stove, boiled the water, and is pouring the hot water into their cups again.  It is good Spanish practice for me to listen to the two of them chatter to each other and try to communicate with me.  I am lucky to have such adorable, eager boys who want to come visit.  

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