Tami’s Blog: The red sarong

Tami hoeing in red sarong

Tami hoeing in red sarong

March 1, 2015

From: Tami

This picture looks surreal even to me.  Be careful what you agree to on date sights ;-). One of the perks of being in a Spanish speaking country, and not knowing the language very well, is being able to go out in my garden wrapped in a piece of cloth and not being able to understand if anyone is making fun of me or not ;-).  Actually, I wear a sarong to garden in most of the time now.  It is easy to rinse out and hang to dry.  Since I am using a scrub brush and a plastic tote to wash the clothes at this point, I find it much easier than scrubbing out a pair of shorts and a shirt.  I also have a plunger-type tool that I use to agitate the clothes with and it works fairly well.  Not as good as a washing machine, mind you, but it helps. I can wash the sarong and hang it on the line and it is dry very quickly too.  

I bought 2 yards of cotton blend fabric like what the indigenous women use to make their dresses.  Total cost of fabric $3.00. My fabric has a pattern of flowers though (shows dirt less) and most of the indigenous women have dresses using solid colors.  Each woman wears her own unique design of dress.  A group of indigenous folks always looks very colorful.  Anyway, I just stitched fine hems on each end of the fabric, and presto!….a new sarong!

I wear camo clothes more often now because they don’t show dirt.  Until we get the manicillo planted and rock the driveway, there is a lot of dirt surrounding us.  Once the rainy season starts that will turn to mud….yuck! So we will be planting and rocking little by little until it is all green and nice.  

Two of Beto’s kids (Fredrick and Vivian) went back to live with their mom (in Rio Sereno) and Vivian has to go back to school.  I was very sad to see the two of them riding the horse down the hill with Beto and Yeovani following on foot. I blew kisses at them. I hope they come back soon. Beto doesn’t own a car (like a lot of folks here), and he walks or takes a bus everywhere.  With the kids being young it was nice that they had a horse to get around on too. Sometimes the horse would walk by with all three kids on it. The dogs would bark very adamantly whenever they saw the horse since they aren’t used to seeing such a big animal.  

The kids had been visiting Beto since it was their summer vacation from Christmas to March.  Beto is separated from his wife and this is the first time in a year that he got to have those two kids at his house.  Beto said the legal system put pressure on his ex to let him see his kids more.  He seems like a very good father and the kids looked like they had a great time together. Yeovani, the eldest, stays with Beto full time and helps his dad work the farm.  Seems like many young kids quit school after grade school to work on the family farms.  This may not be so bad if they can get access to computers.  With computer access, they can continue their educations at home.  All the young kids are interested in computers and they love computer games (just like American kids).  Vivian was trying to pull up some kids computer game on my computer but my bandwidth was too slow.

We showed Beto and all three kids the picture of themselves on our blog.  Their eyes lit up and they smiled big to know that their images were on the internet.  I think it made them feel pretty special that we found them interesting enough to talk about them with our American friends.  

My friend, Jennifer, from Traverse City, Michigan is going to be in town a week from today.  We will meet her in Rio Sereno and pick her up in Whistler since it is a challenge to find and to get to my place.  It sure will be nice to have an English speaking female to talk too!  My friend, Beth and family, from Cottage Grove, Oregon should be here at the end of April.  So you see, since the weather is so blissful here in the highlands, we hope it will attract a lot of visitors.

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