We got the export license!

July 7, 2014

From: Tami

Hi All,

Gary and I are still staying at Paul’s RV Park in Brownsville, Texas.
We were awaiting our export license for my M35 truck and I did receive
it via email!!!. I am awaiting a call back from the Transmigrantes
(Agent) who will tell us what are the next steps we need to take. I
know we will need to paint the truck. First we will apply floor wax
and then a light layer of white, watered-down latex that will allow us
to remove the paint easily once we get to Panama. It doesn’t have to
be a great paint job. The goal is to make the truck look as non
threatening as we can. We will tie blue tarps over top of the
camo-colored ones we have on there now. I hope that we will be on our
way in a week or so.

This is the off season at the RV park and the current residents are
only a fraction of the folks that stay here in the winter. We have
gotten to know several of these year-round residents a little bit.
Some afternoons I float around in the pool on a styrofoam noodle and
chat with my neighbors. Tonight I will go play bingo with Vera for
the third time. Vera and her husband Phil (who have kinda adopted
us) have driven their golf cart over to the deuce and delivered dinner
for us twice which was so sweet. Once they delivered a healthy slice
of Phil’s homemade chicken potpie that he had just baked in a dutch
oven and the second time was homemade corn chowder. What a nice
upgrade from canned baked beans and cheese sandwiches! On the fourth
of July the park owners held a very nice holiday potluck. For not
having a home…these folks have made us feel welcome. We have run
across many very nice folks in our travels so far. We do get more
attention than most travelers because our mode of transportation isn’t
quite the norm ;-).

I got both of the dogs gentle-leader leashes. Suni is very good on
hers. Courage still isn’t used to his and he tries to rub it off.
These leashes really do help keep them from pulling as much. We have
to walk both of the dogs down to the park’s dog playpen at the same
time. If not, the dog left behind cries pitifully. We are trying to
keep the dogs as quiet as possible which is a challenge when many
people walk their dogs by our campsite. At least we feel safe that no
one will try to steal our stuff since the dogs look threatening even
though they are just wanting to play (and play rough).

Our site is right next to the pool and I am here typing as I speak.
It will be 93 degrees today with a nice breeze. Off I go to jump in!



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